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Stock Rules (Updated)

Mon Jan 20, 2014, 4:56 PM

I have updated my TOU as of 08/07/13.
Thanks to a member on dA I had to change my rules.
These terms may be updated at any time.

Updated Terms of Use for My Stock: By downloading my stock, you agree to the following terms:

You must: show me and credit me of your final work using my stock. No exceptions.

Do not: redistribute my stock as is without my written consent. This includes reposting it in websites like tumblr, flickr, facebook, photobucket, myspace, blogs, etc.

All uses of my stock both commercial and noncommercial must be significantly altered into your own unique design.
Do not simply change the filter or hue/saturation.

Some photos will have additional rules. Please read the artists comments as well.

Star! What You can do: Star!

Post your finished artwork to your blog or outside website. (i.e. your facebook art page.) You must credit my stock and let me know where you have used it. Do not repost my stock as-is without alteration to another website or blog.

- You may use my stock to create a tutorial provided that you Credit and Notify me.

- You may use your finished artwork on RPGs and SIMS provided that you credit and notify me.

- You may use your finished artwork in deviantArt printsCommercial use off of deviantArt must ask me first.

Star! What you may not do: Star!
Do not Sell, redistribute, or upload this image unaltered on any other website, blog, facebook, tumblr, flickr, photobucket, etc. Just because a photo is online does not mean it is part of the public domain. To do otherwise is considered stock theft.

Do not use my stock in violence, abuse of women, children, ethnicities, or orientations. This includes any hate anti-whatever based groups. Keep it legal please.

Do not use my stock to create more stock! If you want to please note me about this and we can talk.

DO NOT use my stock to create pre-cut images, png, psd, tubes, or brushes. 

Do not use my stock with celebrity or copyrighted images! Celebrity images, and images found on google search ARE NOT VALID STOCK RESOURCES! 

- Do not upload your art with my stock without Crediting/Notifying me of use! This includes any other outside websites.

If you do not know how to credit. This tutorial is a great read.

Star! Here are some important info from dA: Star!

Stock rule help from CelticStrm-Stock. Thanks.

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